Custom Molded Silicone Products

Custom Molded ProductsMarsh Industries, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality silicone molded products in a timely manner. Whether small or large volume runs, we have the capabilities to produce any product size regardless of complexity. Marsh Industries utilizes compression, transfer and injections molding technologies to ensure a perfect match to any customer requirement.

In the injection molding process, a high-speed ram forces the un-vulcanized rubber from a cylinder through a nozzle and into a closed heated mold, by pressure independent of the pressure that holds the mold closed. The two halves of the mold are attached to heated platens. The ram injects only enough material to completely fill the mold and then retracts, so rubber for the next cycle can be loaded into the cylinder. Advantages of injection molding include shorter molding cycles, little to no pre-form preparations, low scrap rate, and less excess flash to remove after production.

Marsh Industries utilizes compression, transfer and injections molding technologies to ensure a perfect match to any customer requirement.

Custom Molded ProductsIn compression molding, a pre-form, (a formed piece of un-vulcanized rubber), is placed in one half of a heated mold. When the mold is closed and put under pressure in a press, the rubber is forced into all parts of the mold cavity. The excess rubber flows into a flash groove around the mold cavity. Silicone rubber is compression-molded to produce gasket seals, O-rings and numerous other types of industrial rubber products.

In the transfer molding process, the un-vulcanized rubber is placed in a chamber at the top of the mold called a “pot” and the assembly is placed in a press. The press applies pressure to a piston-like plug in the open end of the pot, clamping the halves of the mold together and forcing rubber to flow through one or more sprues into the heated mold. Transfer molding is particularly useful in producing parts whose shape is such that the molds cannot provide good flow and tend to trap air. It is the best method of molding parts that contain wires pins, and other inserts that require precise positioning.

Custom Molded ProductsMarsh Industries, Inc. has more than 16 hydraulic presses with platen sizes ranging from 12×12 inches to 45×80 inches to accommodate a wide variety of tooling and part sizes. In addition, Marsh Industries utilizes three automated injection presses for higher volume runs that maximize production while minimizing costs. All manufacturing of molded products are performed on site, therefore allowing for flexibility to satisfy all customer needs, while maintaining low overhead. Our broad base of manufacturing technologies, in conjunction with over 40 years of expertise in silicone rubber molding allows Marsh Industries, Inc. to provide competitive pricing while maintaining high quality products.

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